Born in Brisbane, Jeremy Boland didn’t think art as much more than a hobby, simply enjoying the act of creating whatever took his interest. From photography and charcoal drawings to building a cemetery out of paddle pop sticks.

      It wasn’t until years later after moving to Melbourne, between jobs and nothing to do, he took up an art course and discovered new ways of creating things, new ways to create and to quite the monotonous roar which is a constant inside his brain pan.

      Jeremy found that, even though there’s no shorter route that would’ve gotten him here, he’s now doing what he should’ve been doing all along.

      He still tries his hand at other forms of media and medium, but his primary focus is on oil paints and linocut printmaking, trying to tell a story or idea with each piece while experimenting with the contrasting juxtaposition of light and shadow.

      My work is mainly inspired by ideas from daily life, either from the mess inside my head or what is going on around me and use a sketch book to record and develop these ideas into something to create, then choosing, sometimes through trial and error, the best form to present them in.

      My prints and paintings are presented as scenes or representations of ideas in realistic or semi-realistic ways, attempting to tell a story or explain an idea with each piece. Utilizing composition of light and shadow and perspective.

      My art is a personal reflection of my own experiences as also a way to deal with life’s problems. Light and shadow a predominant themes in my work. Many of my pieces capture moments in time, carrying layers of meaning.